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Nutrition, Exercise, and Behavioral Coaching for Women Who Want to Lose Weight, Drop Body Fat, and Create Positive Habits.  Live Healthier, Stronger, and Leaner Long-Term;

I am your guide and you are in charge of your own journey. I will help you make friends with your body to find the PERFITFORME

Nutrition, Exercise, and Behavioral Coaching for Women Who Want to Lose Weight, Drop Body Fat, and Create Positive Habits.  Live Healthier, Stronger, and Leaner Long-Term;

I am your guide and you are in charge of your own journey. I will help you make friends with your body to find the PERFITFORME

What is PerFit For Me?

PerFit For Me offers exercise and nutrition plans that are designed just for you. What might be perfect for others may not be perfect for you. You deserve to reach your goals in a way that makes you happy, healthy, and fit. You don't have to starve yourself, spend your life imitating others, or crying over a diet. I am here to walk with you all the way to your perfect goals. You are unique, and deserve your own unique plan. We will design a plan that is PerFit for you.

My methods

Paths to explore:

Nutrition to promote healthy eating. 
Exercise to strengthen the body and mind.
Coaching for deep health

My methods

Paths to explore:

Nutrition to promote healthy eating. 
Exercise to strengthen the body and mind.
Coaching for deep health

Complimentary Consultation

Personal Assessment


  • What are your wellness goals
  • Eating and Nutritional Habits
  • Sports, Exercise, and Physical Activity
  • Any Significant Medical Conditions
  • Assessing Stress
  • Motivation 



First consultation is free to discuss your goals, what to expect from the program, and whatever question you have. Looking forward to getting to know you.

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A more balanced life

With one on one sessions, group coaching, or both; online guidance for healthy living, you can create a more harmonious and balanced lifestyle.

G e t   I n s p i r e d ! 

"You have the discipline, the drive, and determination… And nothing will be impossible for you."


"Elena set me up with a great plan, taught me HOW to eat what I enjoy, with a super flexible plan that allows for girls night out or vacations, and is always available to me when I need encouragement." 


Paula's Testimonial


"It's not just simply about losing weight, but Elena has helped me to change my habits, it's about my emotional state of mind, and my self-esteem. Elena has helped me in ways and I'm grateful to her program."


Letty's Testimonial


"I am so happy that I have been able to reach my goals. Thanks to Elena's plan I have learned how to eat much healthier, to eat more and not starve myself, which was not fun. But for the biggest reward has been changing my way of thinking. I can now go out to eat and not feel guilty. I don't have to punish myself by thinking I have to burn it off later. Now, I wake up and I know I have a great plan that is part of my daily routine and part of my daily habits." 


Karen's Testimonial


Working with Elena has not only helped me physically but also my mind set has totally changed!  She taught me to start thinking of connecting my brain to the muscle that I am trying to work, rather than over thinking and tensing up other areas that need to relax.   I have had lower back and hip pain in the past and we concentrated on strengthening other muscles like my core and little things to help that and strengthen hips!  I did not need to lose weight, just needed to tone up and have accountability.  Elena taught me how to use weight equipment properly and she is very good at helping me with my form.  She really pays attention!  We have been on Zoom most of the time in the last 2 years of the pandemic!  She truly has a gift for training!  She has a perfect balance of working from where you are at and encouraging you to do more than you think you can!  She is good at working with the equipment you have at home if you don't go to the gym.  I would highly recommend Elena to anyone and have.  She has helped my mom and one of my best friends as well.


Hi my name is Ceci
I just wanted to share a little bit of my experience working with Elena I started working with Elena back in June 2021. We worked together for approximately eight months and I have to say that within those eight months I definitely learned a lot. Before working with Elena I was struggling with my baby weight as most moms do especially in the abdominal area. I hit a plateau the weight wasn’t coming off I felt like giving up I reached out to Elena and we started working together on my nutrition. I was getting burnt out with chicken breast, ground turkey, tuna and repeat again and again. With Elena I was able to incorporate more foods into my nutrition. After being able to incorporate more foods into my nutrition and within weeks I started to see more of my weight come off and that was exciting! I was stuck on a routine of just eating a few things here and there which is why I hit a plateau and why that weight wasn’t coming off. Another thing that I was able to really work on with Elena was my mental health I think we can all agree that we all stress on a day-to-day basis whatever it is that we go through in life. I’m a full-time mom, housewife and work full-time I mean that itself can be a lot for for one person so I was able to incorporate that into my nutrition by making sure that my mental  health was good.  I’m grateful and very thankful to have worked with Elena these past eight months, because they have been amazing. I’ve been able to maintain my weight which is great, I love the way  look, my energy level is better, and my mood has gotten better. I can look in the mirror and like what I see  I’ve been able to incorporate more greens into my nutrition making sure my mental health is good. So thank you Elena for everything that you’ve done
I have learned a lot from her she is a great coach I highly recommend her honestly I don’t know where I would be now if I didn’t reach out to her I’m glad I did though. As I continue with my journey This has become a lifestyle for me not just a one day yes and one day no. So again if your looking to see results and you have hit a plateau it’s ok to ask for help,  Elena was mine and I’m Beyond grateful with her.



Elena Rivera and PerFit For Me nutritional coaching was very beneficial to me. Elena tailored meal plans that specifically addressed my goals. Weekly check-ins encouraged me and her advice and guidance helped me to make better and healthier choices. I would recommend Elena and PerFit For Me to anyone seeking to improve their health and tailor the plan specifically for their bodies and goals.


I am a PerFit example of how amazing you are as a coach! You have helped me in my health and fitness goals in major ways that you know have been medically and life changing. I’ve also lost nearly 20 lbs!! I could not have done it without you! You have taught me about nutrition in a way that is not restrictive or feels like a burden. You truly have a gift and I can’t wait to see how many more people you help in achieving a healthier and happier life! 😘

Who will you listen to today? 

"We all fight the positive and the negative inside of us.

Which one is going to win today? 



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"Macros and Habits"

Group Coaching Program

Building new habits and following a nutrition plan using macro nutrients (Protein carbs and fats). This program will help you to build a wellness plan around macros and exercise to help you lose the weight in a sustainable way. It's all about creating solid habits that will help you maintain your results long-term. NO MORE DIETING!

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