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About me

Hi, I'm Elena Rivera-Galaz. I am originally from Spain. I have three children and a wonderful husband. 

I am a nutrition coach, personal trainer, and master health coach. I am a mother of three, and have a wonderful husband. From a young age, I tried every single diet on the planet to try to lose weight. I tried everything under the sun; cleanses, fasting on and off, cutting off a whole group of foods, exercising seven days a week, exercising even more every time I would have a day of binging. I tried to lose weight with fat burning pills, supplements, meal replacements, eating only fruit, or not eating at all for days, only to end up binging and gaining all the weight back with bonus pounds. You get the idea. After having children, I struggled losing the baby fat. It was not until I decided to learn more about nutrition and exercise when I realized that in order to lose weight I did not need to keep punishing myself.

I stopped dieting years ago and I promised myself no more diets! I learned how to nourish my body and my mind. I stopped punishing myself at the gym. I wanted something better and I found it. I created a program to help women find their perfect selves and I don’t mean “being perfect”. It is about being the real you, while achieving your wellness goals. To design a plan that works best for you, because we are all unique. I was doing everything everyone else was doing, but I was neglecting what I wanted, what I needed for me. I needed something unique for me that best fits who I am. In addition, this is where PERFIT FOR ME was born. We’re not just going to talk about changing behaviors and habits, but we will get to the root of your relationship with food.

I am still learning and understanding my body and mind, but I have a healthier relationship with food. I have a freedom of enjoying food without guilt. There is no bad or good food, because food is medicine, food is delicious, food is fun, but it should not be your enemy. Every change starts with your mind. The mindset is your foundation, the stronger it is, the steadier and sustainable the body will be. Your body can be fit, healthy, and strong without giving up the foods that you love to eat.

Are you ready to meet the you that you have always wanted to meet? The PerFit you!!



Elena Rivera-Galaz